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4 Reasons to Pre-Wire your Home! Buildin

February 16, 2018

4 Reasons to Pre-Wire your Home!
Building a new home?
Remodeling your current house?
Chances are good that your builder or contractor has mentioned pre-wiring. You may be wondering if this is something you want to add to the punch list, so let’s talk about why pre-wiring makes good sense.
Considering pre-wiring?
Future-Proof Your Home
It’s true that we can’t plan for everything the future will bring. We do, however, know what types of wiring will be most useful. Pre-wiring also allows homeowners a little room for growth. Perhaps you don’t want surveillance cameras right now, but with the proper wiring in place you can add them in a snap.
Resale Value
Maybe you’re not an audiophile, but the next person buying your house could be. When buyers are making the tough decision about which house to buy, the home that gives them flexibilty and options for home theater, communications and security needs will show better than non-wired comparable homes.
Hide Wires
Prewiring not only hides cables, it allows you to create a centralized hub. You can stack and store equipment, like AV receivers and amplifiers, in one place. Better yet, you can have it all located in a conveniently located closet or cabinet that is out of sight.
Protect Your Paint Job
You can retrofit a home with wiring. It’s not an incredibly complicated process, but you may have to open up walls to get the job done. If repairing drywall and repainting is not high on your priority list, consider running the wires before those walls go up.

With the proper wiring in place, you can control systems all over your home. Here’s a partial list of systems that can benefit from proper pre-wiring:
Home theater and entertainment
PC and internet networks
Phones, door-phones, and intercoms
Security, including surveillance cameras
Once you decide to pre-wire your new build or remodel project, Streamline can help you put together the perfect plan for your home.

Wait, do I need a surveillance system? E

February 16, 2018

Wait, do I need a surveillance system?
Every business and home has unique security requirements. Identify your requirement first.
Do you want to monitor your cash registers and employees?
Do you want to keep your property safe from thieves?
Do you want to keep your loved ones safe at all times?
Do you want to monitor visitors?
Do you want to know the shopping pattern and preferences of your customer?
Do you want to keep track of your inventory?
Do you want to prevent shoplifting and catch those who are doing it?
Do you want to ensure that restricted area security is being maintained?
Do you want to increase employee productivity and give them accurate feedback?
Do you want to keep vandalism at bay?
Do you want these bullet points to go on forever?
The simple truth of the matter is that security cameras have a lot of applications. Whether or not you need a system is dependent on a lot of things. A surveillance system can be designed for a small home just as well as it can for a corporation located in a giant skyscraper with armed guards and evil laughter in the halls. Like we said, cameras can go anywhere and for anyone.
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