Pre-wire for today and the Future If you

Pre-wire for today and the Future
If you are building a home, you probably want to plan it for home electronics now, and in the future. Here are
some simple things to consider:
• Will you want music around the house?
• Will you have a computer or more than one computer?
• Will you have TV via antennae, cable, satellite or all of these?
• Will you want room-to-room control?
• Will there be adequate telephone jacks?
• Will there be a home theater? With surround sound?
• Is paging, door answering a consideration?
• Would you prefer one set of controls for lighting, temperature, music, video, etc?
Lots of decisions to be made. However, these decisions are typically not high on the priority list of a new home
owner during the early stages of building a home. Thinking about the modern conveniences of home electronics is
sometimes put off until it is too late or at the very least much more costly. If you examine a few of your preferences
before the drywall goes up, your electronic “after life” can be a lot more fulfilling.

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